ITSC Activities

Institute for Theatre & Social Change

Photography (left) courtesy The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and (right) by Gina Clyne

The Institute for Theatre & Social Change (ITSC) at the USC School of Dramatic Arts provides a research and development forum for expressive and interactive dramatic art practices, relative to education, therapy, and social justice, that disrupt oppression and engages communities in meaningful dialogue for social change. The interdisciplinary collaboration of dramatic arts, fine arts, and media offers a powerful creative weapon for artists, academics, healers, activists, and community organizers to ignite critical cultural dialogue.

The ITSC has ongoing collaborations with other arts schools and disciplines devoted to social change to host prominent rigorous interdisciplinary and intersectional conversations on campus. The ITSC also hosts biennial conferences with international practitioners and scholars in the field, produces critical papers exploring the efficacy and trends of this work, and provides training and networking opportunities for local, national, and international organizations dedicated to the expressive arts and social change.

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