Kourosh Gohar

Kourosh Gohar is the Co-Founder of PopID and President of PopPay Small Business, a division of the Pasadena-based biometrics company PopID. PopPay allows individuals to make contactless payments at restaurants and retail stores using facial recognition. He is also an active investor in early stage startups.

Prior to PopPay, he was the founder and CEO of a number of technology companies such as Pijons, a reminders platform for business professionals; Beautify, an online event platform for beauty and fitness companies; and Kuyam, an online scheduling platform for the beauty and fitness verticals.

Prior to his tech ventures, he built Equitable Companies, from an idea to $100+ million of managed portfolios. He has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry; acting as a Vice President & Business Client Manager at Bank of America, among innumerable other roles.

At Tuesday Laboratory, he served as Artistic Director and Producer of a number of plays such as Faust is DeadThe ArchitectEarly Morning, and other British playwrights’ work in Los Angeles.

Gohar is also on the advisory board for Kollab, a Boys and Girls Club program that aims to provide career opportunities and guidance to the youth in Southern California.

Gohar earned his BFA in Theatre from the USC School of Dramatic Arts in 1995 and his MBA in Entrepreneurship & Marketing from the Marshall School of Business in 2002.