At the USC School of Dramatic Arts, we foster the talents of artist-scholars who are dramatically different – who are willing to imagine the future of the entertainment industry and bring it to life. Students at the USC School of Dramatic Arts arrive with enormous potential which we nurture and empower through an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial education that helps them develop the skills necessary to discover their unique voice. The agile nature of our approach exposes students to diverse styles and multiple mediums, and they graduate prepared with the tools necessary for sustainable and thriving careers. We are, after all, Trojans.

We are a dramatically different community within a world-class research university. Our faculty are working professionals from the stage and from the screen, from Los Angeles, from the nation and from around the world. We offer unparalleled production opportunities for students to gain critically important hands-on experience. And USC alumni are part of an unrivaled legacy: spanning every medium and every platform, our creative artists have made their way into the hearts and minds of millions.

Our students learn their craft in the heart of Los Angeles, a global city and an international center for arts and entertainment, one that continues to attract dreamers, innovators and storytellers of all kinds. We break the mold on professional development and career preparation by being the first drama school with a dedicated Career Center devoted to supporting our students and recent graduates.

Most importantly, our students develop as compassionate human beings and learn to use their storytelling powers to help address our world’s most pressing problems. Programs like our Institute for Theatre & Social Change and SDA’s new Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion embody our deep commitment to use the tools of the dramatic arts to create powerful, transformative stories that have the potential to change the world.