Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Stage and ScreenHow to Apply

The deadline to apply is December 1, 2023.

The following application instructions are for:

All first-year and transfer candidates for undergraduate admission must complete the following:

Submit The Common Application

You may apply to the USC School of Dramatic Arts using the Common Application, which includes some USC-specific questions. In addition to the online application, you will be asked to submit additional materials, including the USC Supplemental Application. For specific information about the items you will need to submit, please visit USC Admission’s First-Year Application Checklist.

Note: Applicants who wish to be considered for the BFA in Acting for Stage and Screen must list it as their first-choice major on the Common Application. Given the limited number of spots for this program, we encourage you to add the BA in Theatre as your second-choice major. If you have listed the BFA and BA as your major choice options, you only need to submit the BFA Supplemental Application in SlideRoom.

For Fall 2024 applicants, the USC School of Dramatic Arts majors will only appear as an option if you are completing the Common Application for Regular Decision.

Submit an SDA SlideRoom Application

The following materials are also required in order to be considered for admission into the USC School of Dramatic Arts. Please be sure to upload all materials via SlideRoom. The supplemental application in SlideRoom will go live early September.

  • Current picture or headshot
  • Resume: Your resume should include any and all performance activities (including drama, dance and vocal performance). If you would like, you may also add any other non-performance work or volunteer experience.
  • “Take Two”: Provide two images that will give us some insight into who you are and what is important to you. Each image will need a corresponding caption to provide some context.
  • Letter of recommendation from drama teacher/coach
  • Essay Questions: Your responses should address the prompts outlined in SlideRoom.
  • Pre-Screen Audition: In SlideRoom, you will be asked to upload two filmed audition monologues.
  • ‘Who are you?’ Video: Please upload a 90-second video showcasing your personality. We kindly ask that you not submit any monologues, cover songs or dancing. This video is not considered an audition piece.
  • Non-refundable audition fee of $35

Audition Requirements

All applicants to the BFA in Acting for Stage and Screen will need to upload two separately filmed audition monologues to their supplemental application in SlideRoom.

What to Prepare
Applicants should prepare one classical monologue (written before 1900) and one contemporary monologue (written after 1900). Each piece should be no longer than 90 seconds in length, memorized and performed in the context of the entire play.

Picking your Material
When choosing your material, you want to pick something that resonates with you and can provide some insight about you. Your monologues should correspond to characters suitable to your natural age range, but you are not limited to characters that match your personal gender identity. Both monologues should come from published plays, and we strongly encourage that you have a deep familiarity with the text so you can convey your understanding of the character and their circumstances in your audition.

Filming your Auditions
Your audition videos do not need to be professionally filmed, but they should provide a clear picture and audio. We understand that it may be difficult to find an ideal space to film your auditions and want to reassure you that where you film your pieces will have no bearing on your candidacy to this program. Below are some things we’d like you to keep in mind when you film:

  • Each monologue should be filmed separately.
  • Make sure that you are in a well-lit area with minimal background distractions and that your audio is clear and understandable.
  • Your contemporary monologue should be filmed as a “close-up”.  The frame should be sized to include the top of your head down to your chest.
  • Your classical monologue should be filmed as a “full body” shot where the frame includes the entirety of your body.
  • Each monologue should begin with a slate that includes: Your name, the title of the play, and the playwright’s name.
  • Please do not add an accent or dialect when performing your monologues. We are much more interested in listening to your natural voice.
  • Dress as you would for an in-person audition. Costumes are not permitted.

After the Admissions Review Committee has reviewed all pre-screen submissions and decisions are made, the Office of Admissions & Student Services will email all BFA in Acting applicants an update on their application in mid-January. This update will indicate if an applicant has been invited to attend our Callback Weekend in mid-February. A virtual option will be available for invitees unable to attend in person.