2014/15 Season

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday Photo

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

On the eve of his late wife’s birthday, a young widower remains a captive of his grief and spends his evenings with her ghost.

©2014 Photo by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging for the USC School of Dramatic Arts

4.48 Psychosis

Sarah Kane’s drama is the haunting journey of a woman in the throes of a terrifying psychological ordeal.

scene from Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon

A mythical tale of witches and ill-fated love, set in the Great Smoky Mountains.

scene from Dream of a Burning Boy

The Dream of the Burning Boy

A high school overachiever suddenly dies, exposing a secret that could destroy those left behind.

scene from Summer Brave

Summer Brave

The line between restraint and desire is blurred when an unpolished young stranger comes to town.

scene from Cat Among the Pigeons

Cat Among the Pigeons

Treacherous lovers, wealthy heiresses and a Spanish general are flung together in a dizzying whirlwind of greed, lies and love.

a scene from Anna in the Tropics

Anna in the Tropics

This poetic Pulitzer Prize-winning play captures 1929 Florida, when cigars were still rolled by hand and “lectors” were employed to educate and entertain the workers. When the new lector reads aloud from Anna Karenina, he unwittingly becomes a catalyst in the lives of his listeners, for whom Tolstoy, the tropics and the American Dream prove a volatile combination.

a scene from American Clock

The American Clock

More relevant than ever, Arthur Miller’s classic – set during the early years of the Great Depression – is a kaleidoscopic study of a tortured time in American history and of the indomitable spirit of the people who survived in the face of adversity.

The Seagull

The Seagull (MFA Repertory)

Along the Russian countryside, a discontented group of artists — a famed actress, her tormented writer son and various romantic triangles — are found in an entanglement of unrequited affection and longing.

Blood Match

Blood Match (MFA Repertory)

Set in present-day Mexico, Blood Match is Associate Professor Oliver Mayer’s exciting new piece, inspired by Federico García Lorca’s tale of murder and revenge.

Red Noses

Red Noses

In 14th century France at the height of the Great Plague, a priest assembles a ragtag band of performers to spread joy in the midst of the devastation.

As You Like It

As You Like It

All the world’s a stage in the Forest of Arden where lovers become entangled in a beguiling game of love, lust and mistaken identity.

The Way of the World

Mirabell wants to marry Millamant, but to keep her fortune intact he must outwit her relatives who are bent on keeping them apart.


After a summer romance with new (good) girl Sandy Dumbrowski, bad boy Danny Zuko’s world is turned upside down when she appears at his school on the first day of classes.

The Waiting Room

In a modern doctor’s waiting room, three women from different centuries meet in Lisa Loomer’s dark comedy about the timeless quest for beauty — and its cost.

Crumbs from the Table of Joy

Seventeen-year-old Ernestine’s world is turned upside down when her father moves her and her sister to Brooklyn in the late 1950s.