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The USC School of Dramatic Arts offers a number of minors to complement your undergraduate major. The diverse range of minor options is intended for you to explore an area of interest outside your major giving you greater depth of knowledge while maximizing your experience at USC. For more information about minor program requirements, see the USC Catalogue.

Adding a minor

We encourage students to complete at least one dramatic arts course prior to starting a minor program. The intent behind this for you to familiarize yourself with our courses and to ensure that a dramatic arts minor is well-suited for you. In addition, we strongly recommend that you consult your academic adviser prior to beginning the program in order to determine if you have enough credits to complete the degree. You may also schedule an appointment with a dramatic arts counselor to help you with this process. Walk-in appointments are scheduled every Friday on a first-come, first-served basis.

Minor, Applied Theatre Arts

applied theatre arts workshop

Director of Applied Theatre of Arts Brent Blair works with students during an applied theatre arts workshop. (Photo by Michael Rueter/Capture Imaging)

The minor in ATA addresses the theory and practice of applying theatre skills as supplemental tools for therapists, cultural field workers and activists.  ATA minors learn how to turn passive observers into more active and critically aware participants through the training and practice of theatre in and among their relative communities.

Total units required: 20

See the USC Catalogue for requirements.

Minor, Comedy (Performance)

Theatre and Improv Games class

Students in the Theatre and Improv Games class laughing at a performance by their fellow classmates. (Chris Shinn/USC Photo)

The minor in comedy (performance) focuses on the theory and practice of comedy-making from the performer’s perspective. Beginning with a foundation in the history of comic performance, and supplemented by courses in the fundamentals of acting and performance, the progression of the minor offers students a comprehensive theoretical and experiential education in the many differing disciplines of comedy.

Total units required: 20

See the USC Catalogue for requirements.

Minor, Dramatic Arts

scene from "La Ronde"

BA actors Madison West Gill, left, and Riley Smith in La Ronde at the Scene Dock Theatre at USC, directed by Director of BFA Acting Jack Rowe. (Photo by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)

The dramatic arts minor invites students to explore the many facets of this exciting field. Students have the opportunity to take a variety of classes in acting, playwriting, literature, stage management, directing, costume design and production. The curriculum is very flexible and encourages students to develop a primary interest for upper-division course work. All minor students are eligible to participate in performance and production projects.

Total units required: 24

See the USC Catalogue for requirements.

Minor, Musical Theatre

scene from "The Grand Hotel"

From left: students Claire Blackwelder, Sean Phillips and Erik Hu in Grand Hotel, The Musical at the School’s Bing Theatre. (Photo by Craig Schwartz)

The minor in musical theatre, interdisciplinary with the USC Thornton School of Music, incorporates the study of acting, dance or movement, vocal arts and related musical subjects. Admission to the minor requires an audition for music but not for dramatic arts.

Total units required: 27

See the USC Catalogue for requirements.

Minor, Performing Arts Studies

students perform in Morning View

From left: students Kevin Ivie, Puikai Tang and Jaemyeong Lee in Morning View by student Jesse Mu-En Shao at the School’s Massman Theatre. (Photo by Craig Schwartz)

The minor in performing arts provides an interdisciplinary inquiry into the nature and aesthetic of the performing arts. It combines the disciplines of cinematic arts, dance, music and dramatic arts. This minor is a unique course of study that looks at how the performing arts contribute to a culturally literate society.

Total units required: 20

See the USC Catalogue for requirements.

Minor, Playwriting

scene from "A Roach's Complaint"

From left: students Cesar Azanza and Tuesday Grant in a concert-style reading of A Roach’s Complaint, written by student playwright Victoria Moy, at the School’s McClintock Theatre as part of the annual New Works Festival Year 2. (Photo by Craig Schwartz)

The minor in playwriting presents undergraduate students who are not dramatic arts majors with a concentration in the discipline of playwriting as a means for broadening and deepening expression using the literary and performing arts. This minor offers a foundation for extended expression in dramatic writing and creative writing genres in general; fostering skills in research, development, communication, collaboration and craftsman- ship in the process of preparing a play for its realization on stage. The minor seeks to illustrate the significance of the play in the theatrical context as being the original point of departure for all theatre art, the living blueprint that helps to create the full theatrical experience.

Total units required: 20

See the USC Catalogue for requirements.