Leilani R.

BFA, Musical Theatre

La Puente, CA

Class of 2026

When deciding between schools, what made you decide to pick USC?
USC provides so many things that have convinced me to come here, a couple being the school spirit and the connections you are able to make here. The community at USC is really supportive, friendly and welcoming. But the people you meet and the opportunities and things that the school provides are absolutely amazing. From on-campus concert events to internships, to master classes with your celebrity idol. And the diverse clubs and organizations that students are involved in. USC truly has some of the most special opportunities that most schools don’t have.

How would you describe the USC School of Dramatic Arts?
I would describe the USC School of Dramatic Arts as a program that caters to students in a professional yet nurturing and supportive environment. The opportunities that SDA has are endless and I really feel like this program does a great job at making sure you get involved. SDA is also a very welcoming environment. The people here really do care about their craft and art and it shows through the hard work people put into all their classes and performance opportunities here.

What is the greatest invention of all time?
Definitely Taco Bell. I loveeee Taco Bell. Oh wait—Dr. pepper!! Ahh so good. Everything is always about food with me!