Glen W.

BA, Theatre
BA, Political Science
Entertainment Industry minor
Hong Kong, China

Class of 2025

What is your favorite thing about USC?
My favorite aspect of USC is the interconnectedness of the schools. There are no restrictions on my craft, and my skills seamlessly transition from one school to another, from stage to set. For instance, taking on the lead role in an SCA graduate thesis film was undoubtedly challenging. However, I am grateful for the teachings of my professor, Paul Urcioli, in 252 A & B, as they have equipped me to apply his guidance both in class and on set.

How has being an SDA student helped you be a stronger artist?
SDA played a vital role in rebuilding my confidence and transforming me into an attentive listener within the community. As an international student, pursuing artistry in my home country often felt disheartening. However, within the SDA community, I discovered a gradual resurgence of confidence, both professionally and personally. Moreover, the artistic realm demands an openness to listening, which was a challenge for me initially due to my stubbornness toward ideas. Nevertheless, SDA facilitated the breakthrough of my personal barriers, enabling me to gain clarity in both self-expression and understanding others.

What’s your favorite way to unwind and relax?
Watch the beach waves.