Amelia A.

BFA, Sound Design

Cocoa, FL
Class of 2024

Given your time at USC, have you been able to get the experience you were hoping to have while in college?
I really have. I wanted to go to a university with strong school spirit, a lively student body and the true feel of a college campus. USC is all that and more. The people here are so nice, and no matter what you’re interested in, you’ll find an incredibly welcoming community for you to be a part of, big or small. Despite the university itself being huge, there are so many smaller communities within it that it never feels all that big.

In what ways has being at USCSDA prepared you to fulfill your long term goals and objectives?
USCSDA has given me not only the technical skills, but the communication and networking skills to have a strong start in a career in theater and entertainment. The multihyphenate approach allows us, as students, to explore more than just our major, and has given me the opportunity to learn about sound in film, music, video games and themed entertainment.

What is your favorite food?
Teriyaki salmon bowl.