Genevieve H.

BA, Theatre
Visual Narrative Art minor
Los Angeles, CA
Class of 2024

When deciding between schools, what made you decide to pick USC?
While the positive environment is very appealing, I want to say the amount of staff who actually work in the industry and actually want to prepare you for the real world. There are so many opportunities to explore what kind of artist you are. I never would have thought I would like to make podcasts or do voice acting and dubbing. But, after taking these classes, I feel like I’ve gained a skill that sets me apart from everyone else. And the fact that this school doesn’t tie you down, they really want you to expand your horizons and venture into different academic pursuits.

How has being an SDA student helped you be a stronger artist?
Something I have been so grateful to have utilized is the career center here at SDA. Yes, USC has a career center. However, something special about SDA is that we have our own. It can be frustrating to develop career-building skills for the arts. There are so many services, such as volunteer opportunities, internships, SCA connections, free headshots and consultations that make me feel like I have so much guidance and confidence.