2016/17 Season of Plays

New Works Festival Year 2 artwork

New Works Festival Year 2

A workshop of diverse new works by the School of Dramatic Arts’ second-year MFA Dramatic Writing students.

New Works Festival Year 3 artwork

New Works Festival Year 3

Plays by the graduating playwrights of the MFA Dramatic Writing program, presented as staged readings with professional actors and directors.

New Works Festival Year 1

The first public readings of exciting new works by the School of Dramatic Arts’ first-year MFA Dramatic Writing students.

Mr. Burns artwork

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

In a post-apocalyptic world, a mismatched group of survivors band together to try to recount the heroic fable of youth and innocence triumphing over evil — Bart Simpson’s epic battle against Sideshow Bob in the “Cape Feare” episode of The Simpsons.

Antigone X artwork

Antigone X

Thebes is now a ruin surrounded by refugee camps. Police violence, terrorists and demagogues abound. Who will dare to defy unjust laws and follow the higher law of love and decency?

Angels in America artwork

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece follows a gay man abandoned by his lover when he contracts the AIDS virus and a closeted Mormon lawyer’s stalling marriage to his pill-popping wife.

Uncle Vanya artwork

Uncle Vanya

The return of Uncle Vanya’s brother-in-law with his beautiful second wife unlocks hidden passions as the entire family is turned upside down.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Key Art

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Feuding fairy royalty, itinerant actors and ill-fated lovers meet in an enchanted moonlit forest on a warm summer night and prove the course of true love is anything but smooth.

Spring Awakening artwork

Spring Awakening

The source for the Broadway musical, Frank Wedekind’s play follows the dawning sexual awakening of a group of teenagers in a classic work that launched 20th Century avant-garde theatre.