2015/16 Season of Plays

The Oresteia Project

Inspired by the seminal trilogy of tragedies by Aeschylus, this modern adaptation was created by the company of actors in a creative collaboration with director David Bridel.

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

Anna Deavere Smith’s stunning work of documentary theatre weaves a portrait of real individuals who experienced the violent aftermath of the 1992 Rodney King trial.

The Threepenny Opera

A seamy underworld of hoodlums, prostitutes and back-stabbers are our storytellers in this savage, biting commentary on modern morality.

La Ronde art

La Ronde

La Ronde bares the interwoven tale of a risqué roundelay of love affairs. Scrutinized upon its publishing in 1900 for its hypersexual content, Arthur Schnitzler’s provocative play examines morals and class ideology.

Marisol art


There’s a war in heaven, and it’s spilling over into New York City. After Marisol’s guardian angel quits, the young copy editor is thrust into the throes of the battle in José Rivera’s darkly humorous apocalyptic urban fantasy.

You Can't Take it With You art

You Can’t Take It With You

Meet the freethinking, eccentric and loveable Sycamore family who live to enjoy themselves. Mayhem ensues when daughter Alice’s fiancé brings his conservative, straight-laced parents to dinner on the wrong night.

Ring Round the Moon art

Ring Round the Moon

Identical twins (the scheming Hugo and the unassuming Frederic) compete for the favors of an elegant heiress in this enchanting comedy of mistaken identity and affairs of the heart.

The Quick-Change Room Art

The Quick-Change Room

In the waning days of the Soviet communist regime, the state-run Kuzlov Theatre in St. Petersburg is struggling. But a new production of Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters will surely turn things around.

Artwork for show, Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

Romance is in the air in this lively adaptation of the classic novel by Jane Austen. Will Fanny Price finally find her heart’s desire?

Artwork for show, Love and Information

Love and Information

In this provocative and poignant play by acclaimed playwright Caryl Churchill, more than a hundred fascinating characters come to life.