Members of the Black Art Collective pose in colorful costumes during a performance of

Student Group Spotlight: Black Art Collective

The Black Art Collective has already organized a dizzying array of educational workshops and productions aimed at centering Black voices and providing opportunities to USC’s Black artists.

student spotlight
The nine student members of Spoiler Alert posing side by side for the camera.

Student Group Spotlight: Spoiler Alert

When it comes to comedy, being funny isn’t everything. Spoiler Alert brings depth, character and narrative technique to their unique brand of improv.

laugh out loud
A group of students in blue uniforms toss their baseball caps on USC campus.

Student Group Spotlight: The Suspenders

The Suspenders brings together funny students from all across campus to perform their unique brand of sketch comedy. And yes, there’s a musical number.

Eight comedians standing in a vertical row

Student Group Spotlight: Commedus Interruptus

Commedus Interruptus, the longest-running improv troupe on campus, is a tight-knit student group that takes big risks in pursuit of big laughs.