• Stevie Johnson
  • Stevie Johnson

Stevie Johnson

Assistant Professor of Theatre Practice in Performance


Stevie Johnson is a faculty member at the USC School of Dramatic Arts and is an award-winning writer, actor and professor. He has been teaching at the collegiate level for over 27 years. His undergraduate degree consists of three majors; Theatre, Speech and Rhetoric which sets the stage for his passion for law, communications, and theatre.

Destined to be a Trojan, he traded his first year at William Mitchell College of Law to get his MFA at the USC School of Dramatic Arts.

He has worked with the acclaimed Guthrie Theatre, teaching trial attorney’s how to improve their stage presence; later honing these skills to help public speakers of all kinds.

As a TV writer and producer, he uses his communication skills to pitch ideas, lead productions, produce and direct.  Working directly with industry leaders such as Jennifer Lopez, Eric Andre, LL Cool-J, Sally Kirkland, Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, Idris Elba and the like.

With over 100 commercials, film and TV credits — including Beverly Hills 91210, Jag, Young & Restless, X-Files, The Shield, CSI-Miami and Cold Case, he utilizes being a certified IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy) practitioner in his work and teachings to reinforce a mind-body connection to authenticate performances be it from behind the podium, in front of the camera, or on the stage.