SDA community shares advice with incoming students

Fight On in Speech Bubble

With the first day of school back on campus fast approaching, several current students and recent alumni offer words of wisdom to the newest members of the Trojan Family on ways to get the most out of their experience at the USC School of Dramatic Arts.

“Get involved in productions early. You’re here to pursue your dreams. Don’t wait around for someone to tell you how to do it. Capitalize on your energy and enthusiasm, and don’t let people hold you back. In short, audition for everything!” — Ian Melamed, BA senior

“Use all your leftover course units! There are cool little classes around campus to take. Even if you only need 16 units a semester you pay for 18; might as well learn a new skill and have fun. You can do it for a grade or you can audit it and not even worry about the grade.” — Arturo Fernandez Jr., BFA senior

“Don’t be afraid to try anything and everything! From ISPs to improv troupes, there are so many theatrical opportunities. The more you audition and get involved, the more people you will meet and the more you will learn! (Plus, they are a lot of fun.)” — Maddi Moran, BA sophomore

“Be confident, be yourself, and enjoy the work!” — Ziming Jim Liu, BA senior

“Be kind to yourself. Many changes are coming your way; you don’t need to know all the answers. You’re here to explore who you are and what kind of artist you want to be. Be open to the journey.” — Pallavi Srinivasan, BA ’16

“I work as a casting associate now. My advice would be: Explore opportunities around L.A. and submit to representation while in college.” — Robert Lee Terry, BA ’17