New Works Festival: Year 1

May  2, 2016

Parkside 1016


The first public readings of exciting new works by the School of Dramatic Arts’ first-year MFA Dramatic Writing students.

The readings will take place at Parkside 1016. Seating is limited.

Emotional Analytics of Fur-Bearing Trout

By John E. Allis

Everything goes sideways when Shoshana “Sookie” Selig attempts to connect with her estranged son, “Bongo.” Thus she endures a gauntlet of murky and unenviable situations.

Losing My Religion

By Hannah C. Langley

A 27-year-old member of a radical anti-gay Church struggles with her faith and temptation after failing to convert a nice Jewish boy over Twitter.


By Mary Lyon Kamitaki

When a lava flow threatens his town, a 68-year-old coffee farmer in rural Hawaii struggles to stand his ground despite his family’s warnings.

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