BA in Dramatic Arts and BA in Journalism
New York, NY
Class of 2020

When deciding between schools, why did you pick USC?
USC had a perfect balance of everything I wanted from a school. I wanted a large school, but I also wanted a small community within my major. I wanted to be able to double major as well, which is hard to do when seeking a theatre program. I also wanted a program that wouldn’t limit my experience to just acting. USC also just felt ‘right.’ I had a lot of friends here from before and I got along really well with everyone involved with the school during the college process so it felt like a right transition.

What is your favorite thing about your program?
I love being able to learn about all different aspects of theatre, not just acting. I’m glad that the Theatre B.A allows me to have a well-rounded theatre education, while also having the freedom to perform and pursue another field of study.

What is your favorite food?