BA in Dramatic Arts and BA in Political Science
Palm Springs, CA
Class of 2020

What is your favorite thing about USC?
USC’s supportive environment encourages students to pursue interdisciplinary studies. I have a great passion for politics, along with theatre, so earning a BA in Theatre allows me to double major in Political Science. I am also hoping to minor in Musical Theatre. When I was touring USC, the school spirit I witnessed all over campus was very impressive and really made me feel part of the Trojan Family. I wanted that spirit, the pride, and the friendliness I saw in USC’s student body!

When deciding between schools, why did you choose USC?
I picked USC because I knew there were so many things to get involved in on campus. I am involved in several clubs and organizations, so it’s great to recognize the faces of so many people when I’m walking around campus. It really makes the campus feel smaller.