BA in Dramatic Arts, BA in Gender Studies and Media and Social Change minor
Works for Trojan Events
Member of the SC Climbing team
Montebello, CA
Class of 2018

When deciding between schools, why did you pick USC?
I chose USC because of the financial aid that a private university is able to offer. I am luckily on a full ride here at USC because of the scholarships I was able to receive and financial aid I qualified for. Furthermore, it is in Los Angeles which is the center of hundreds of industries. The connections that can be made here with the Trojan Family often sound like an exaggeration but I can promise you that the rumors do not even scratch the surface if you do USC right.

What is your favorite thing about the School of Dramatic Arts?
My favorite thing about SDA are the various options offered to the students in terms of classes. Even more so than before, the administration is making sure they are doing all that is possible to educate students about theatre all across the world and fields. This includes theatre focused on social locations such as queer, black, Asian, etc., but also physical locations abroad where theatre has rich histories and styles that satisfy the job of creating a fully rounded theatre student. I can come out of a medical clowning class, walk into an Asian and Asian American Theatre course, go from my stand-up comedy class to prepping for my internship and stage combat class for the next day. The options are endless for me as a BA student.

What is your favorite movie?
Cloud Atlas