Construction Update

Photo of the new Drama Center under construction

Photo courtesy of MATT Construction

Construction has begun on the School of Dramatic Arts’ exciting new Drama Center. Great care is being made to substantially reduce the embodied carbon footprint of the construction project and several innovative sustainable strategies are being utilized on this historic building, which was originally built in 1931. The School is excited to welcome alumni, friends and the next generation of artists to this new space, set to open in the ’23-’24 academic year.

Your Building Your Legacy

We invite you to Leave your Legacy with an engraved paver at the new USC School of Dramatic Arts Drama Center.

You can reserve your personalized pavers now to be displayed in the new Drama Center courtyard upon completion of construction in early 2024.

With your personalized paver, you can:

  • Commemorate a graduation, reunion, cast, show and other SDA milestones
  • Memorialize a treasured alumnus, faculty or staff member
  • Include a quote from your favorite play, movie or artist
  • Etch your name into the history of the School of Dramatic Arts

Three styles of pavers are available.
To learn more and to reserve your paver today, visit

This article appeared in the 2022-23 issue of Callboard magazine. Read more stories from the issue online.