Alumni Memories: June 13

Alumnus Todd Nonnenberg BA '96 recounts a particularly memorable day in Paul Backer's class.

Paul Backer teaching a class at SDA.

For #SDA75, we’re looking back on our fondest memories, from alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, donors and friends: this collage was submitted by alumnus Todd Nonnenberg BA ’96, about a particularly memorable day in class.

Paul Backer (rest his soul) and his history lesson of Theatre of the Absurd will forever live in my memory. I was late on this day, and when I arrived to Taper Hall, I observed a sign on our usual class door saying in all caps, “THIS IS NOT A DOOR!” My first thought was, “maybe I have the wrong classroom?” 

Eventually, I decided to give the door a go. When I opened the door, Paul was standing there in a raincoat and rain hat just looking at me, the awkwardness of being late to class already in the air, and a classroom full of students staring at me (mostly cracking smiles in response to the befuddled look on my face).

There was a pregnant pause and then Paul shouted emphatically at me, “didn’t you see the sign?”

I sheepishly said, “sorry.”

Paul replied “Don’t let it happen again. Now please take your seat.

I remember a few times Paul pausing in the middle of the lesson, opening his umbrella, putting it over his shoulder and just staring at us in silence for a moment to help illustrate the style. It was by far one of the most memorable days ever in a classroom and I will treasure it for as long as I live.

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