Supporters of Dramatic Arts 2021-22

The USC School of Dramatic Arts would like to recognize the generosity of the following individuals and organizations who have supported the School over the past year towards core programs such as professional development, scholarship, new facilities and the Dean’s Strategic Fund. We recognize at the visionary level those donors whose tremendous generosity has reached the cumulative giving level of $1 million+. Their extraordinary commitment has built the foundation for our continued ascent and future achievements.

Anonymous* (4)
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bing
    and the Anna H. Bing Living Trust
Lauren and Mark Booth*
George N. Burns Trust
Roger and Michele Dedeaux Engemann*  
Katherine B. Loker
Martin Massman Trust
Robert and Elizabeth Plumleigh
     —In Memory of Karen
    Plumleigh Cortney*
Alice, Teresa and Byron Pollitt  
Anonymous* (2)
The Auen Foundation
Rama Backer*
Victoire and Owsley Brown III*
George and Dyan Getz*  
The H.N. and Frances C.
    Berger Foundation
Michael P. Huseby Family*
Steve and Jerri Nagelberg*
Richard and Diane Weinberg  
Albert and Bessie Warner Fund
Joan Beber Grant Fund
    of the Jewish Community Foundation*
The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation
Michael and Debbie Felix*  
Vida and Kourosh Gohar*
Marilou and Mark Hamill Family*
Carla and Bill Pelster*
Linda Bernstein Rubin and Tony Rubin*  
Anonymous (2)
Connie Britton
Christine and Gabriel Dassa*
The Lawrence and Megan Foley
    Family Foundation
Lori and Simon Furie
Kristin and Warren Geller*
Perry C. Hoffmeister and
    Hilary C. Hoffmeister*  
Pamela and Mark Litvack*
LoCasale Consulting, Inc.*
Michael and Melissa Meyers*
The Polos Family
Karyn and Paul Staubi*
Jeff and Cathie Thermond  
The California Wellness Foundation
Alexander and Megan LoCasale*
Adrienne Visnic*  
Gregory Caruso
Terence Dedeaux and
    Christine Marie Dedeaux
EPIX Entertainment, LLC
Kathryn and John Gilbertson
The Heslov Family
Cindy Kahn and Steve Marker  
Jeff Kribs
Christine Marie Ofiesh
The Phil Allen Mentorship Scholarship
Rik Reppe and Shauna Torok Reppe
James and Leslie Visnic*
Noelle L. Wolf  
Chris and Jennifer Andrews
Randolph and Ellen Beatty
Todd S. Black and Ruth Graham Black
MaryLou O. Boone
Kate and Joe Cannova
Michael and Michelle Chiklis
Eileen Cornish
    —In Memory of Michael Keenan
Sumner and Angela Erdman
Kristin Fontes
Brad and Ally Fuller
Eugene and Wendy Garcia  
Lorena Gonzalez
Allison and Keyes Hill-Edgar
Lynn Hunt-Gray and Robert Gray
Gary and Karen Lask
Babette Markus
Mark and Sandra Nelson
Sally and Howard Oxley
Joni Ravenna Sussman
Rik Toulon
University Advancement
USC Alumni Association
Drs. Kellie Yoon and Stephen Treiman  
    —In Honor of Mark and Marilou Hamill
Sheri and Andrew Ball
Clara Y. Bingham and Joe G. Finnerty III
Emanuel Bachmann Foundation
    —In Memory of Emanuel O. Bachmann,
    B.S. 1932
Melvin and Doris Hughes
Dennis Cornell Lenahan
Mark Marion and Sheila Grether-Marion
J.W. Woodruff and Ethel I.
    Woodruff Foundation  
Jonathan and Adrienne Anderle
Theodore V. Arevalo
Mark H. Bevan
Jack Bleck
Pamela and Chris Canter
Els Collins
Regina K. Eremia Trust
James Fousekis
Lorraine J. Gildred-Conlan
Catherine and Burnett Hansen
Deborah Mack  
Dr. Willa Olsen
Mary Reveles Pallares
Madeline Puzo—In Honor of Els Collins
Mona and Benjamin Raffle
Irene and Andrew Robinson
Abe and Annika Somer
Marissa Stahl
The Sykes Family
The Performers Mindset – Joe Towne
John Villacorta
Rafael Yglesias and Ann Packer
Linda Yu  
Hossein Akbari and Maria C. Akbari-Feo
Janet Billups
Kate Burton and Michael Ritchie
Scot and Wendy Claus
Michael and DeAnna Colglazier
Rob Cutietta and USC Glorya Kaufman
    School of Dance / USC Thornton
    School of Music
Tate Donovan
Suzanne Durrell and Ian McIsaac
Dr. David Emmes and Ms. Paula Tomei
Sara Fousekis and Greg Derelian
Mark and Glenda Hilliard
JP Karliak
Matthew and Heather Lillard
Dorinda Marticorena and Steve Slater  
Pamela Monroe
Scott S. Mullet and
    Jenelle Anne Marsh-Mullet
Elizabeth O’Connell
Albert and Kathleen Osterloh
    —In Honor of Michele Engemann
Nancy Ritter
The Roxworthy Family
Michael Charles Solomon
Samuel Sonenshine
Stanley’s Garden Foundation
    —In Honor of Michele Engemann
Nancy and Peter Tuz
USC Town and Gown
    —In Honor of Michele Engemann
Mark Varo
Daria T. Yudacufski  
Anschutz Film Group, LLC
Molly Basler
Cindy Chanin
Elizabeth Daley
Seana Daley
Chris Funk
Emily and Rollin Gallagher
Casey Gardner
J.T. Garcia
Tyson R. Gaskill
Kim Gillingham
Marty Gonzalez
Yessica Gonzalez  
Ezekiel Goodman
Andrew Grumpert
Brendan Hedges
Mary Lou
Karliak Nancy and Jack Larson
John and Eva Lino
Jan and Michael MacDougal
Veronica McFarlane
Michael J. Moore
Jana Norris
Amy Ross
Natalie Summerfield
Sibyl Wickersheimer  
John J. Adams
Anthony and Angelle Albright
Hugo Alvarado
Alzheimer’s Los Angeles
Thomas Cunningham Anawalt
Brenda Kadrie Anderson and
    Brian Anderson
Erin Anderson
    —In Honor of Tina Haatainen Jones
Andrei Belgrader
Briana Nicole Billups
Brent Blair
Dr. Julie R. Brannan
Debbie Brendel and Barron Wall
Matthew and Margaret Breslin
Robin and Robert Burg
Andrew R. Caddes
Michael Cantor
Paula Cizmar
John and Eva Coffey
Donald Collins
William and Nancy Dannevik
Donald Dean
David Dixon
Whitney Ellis
Linda E. Ewing
Donald B. Fields and
    Myla Lichtman-Fields
Noah Finn—In Memory of Jack Rowe
Jill and Jonathan Fisher
Lori Ray Fisher and Eric Fisher
Paula Forrest
Sara Fox
Andre Garner
Michael and Antoinette Garrett
Cheryl Geremia and Richard Schulsohn
Johnny and Marie Gillespie
Jason Ginsburg
Maryellen Gleason and Kim Ohlemeyer
Professor Jenny Guthrie
    and Andrew Wedemeyer
Estelle and Matthew Hicks
Allyson Hill
David Hornblower
Collie and Charlie Hutter
Nona Johnson
Michael Kuser
Matthew Lebowitz
Patrick and Elisabeth Ledwell
Yeon Jin Lee
Mary Lewis
Brandon Lim
Brooke MacDougal
Edward Manning
    and Laurie Anne Wood-Manning
Alexander Tri Minh Nguyen  
Ogunyemi Olubukola Ogunmola
Professor Natsuko M. Ohama
Yoni Ovadia
Richard O’Young
Jeffrey Parker
David and Pamela Patch
    —In Honor of Kimberly A. Patch
Timothy James Pauer
Jeff Perry
Nancy L. Pierandozzi
Leslie Ann Pittman
Peter Ploszek
Yelena Podkolzina
Craig Questa
Mark Riggs
Dr. Robin Romans
Philip and Christina Ronstadt
Laura Obiorah
Jasmine Marie Mencias
Jennifer and David Mitchell
In Honor of Matthew Mitchell
Patrick Brian Murphy
Kathleen Dunn-Muzingo
Virginia Ross
Amanda and Daniel Sanderson
Joshua and Violeta Sapkin
Talia Saraceno
Donald Schmidt and William Purves
Sarah Schuessler
Angela Scott
Pranav Shah
Michele Shay
Rick and Jeanne Silverman
Ashley K. Singh
Patrick Skelton
Dean and Cherie Stebner
    —In Honor of Zachary Steel
Margaret and Robert Stratford
Beverly Suzuki and Adrian Lopez
Charles L. Swick and
    Linda M. Reilly-Swick
Natsuki Takano
Danielle Thorpe
Jason Turner
Eleanor E. Vade Bon Coeur
Delphine and Matt Vasko
Sabina Zuniga Varela
Jamie and David Way
James J. and Laurie Hom Wen
Laura West
Lauren Willems
Grace E. Wright
Brett Wyman Guiyan and Xinwen Xue  
Amy King Dundon-Berchtold
    University Club of USC
Balboa Bay Resort and Club
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
Dulce Elyse Walker
The Larry and Megan Foley
    Family Foundation
Gale’s Restaurant
Vida and Kourosh Gohar
Mark and Marilou Hamill
Greg Holford
IWC Schaffhausen
Lavo Restaurant
LoCasale Consulting, Inc.  
Lucky Bird Fried Chicken
Linda and Tony Rubin
Christine Marie Ofiesh
Palm Springs Women
    in Film and Television (PSWIFT)
The Pink Pig
Pure Hermosa Health and Skincare
Smokehouse Pictures
TAO Group
The Resort at Pelican Hill
USC Alumni Association
USC Athletics USC Hotel  
*Represents multi-year pledge  

We hope you will consider becoming a member. For more information about giving to the School of Dramatic Arts, please contact Sara Fousekis at 213-821-4047 or

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