BA in Dramatic Arts
Pre-Law Track
Minor in Business Law
Chicago, IL
Class of 2020

When deciding between schools, why did you pick USC?
USC allows you to facilitate interests in vastly different fields (i.e. theatre and law) and encourages that behavior through the resources that they over to do so. The human component is also so large here- there are no shortage of alumni and USC enthusiasts who come back and are involved in making sure that we understand everything about the real world that we wish to know. Outstanding academics are at many schools- it’s what happens outside of the classroom that counts.

Given your time at USC, have you been able to get the experience you were hoping to have while in college?
Yes. Both the big university experience, as well as the tight-knit community experience within SDA. Also, no shortage of exposure to the professional entertainment industry, so I’m not only comfortable in just my school sphere.

Who is your favorite music artist?