Master of Fine Arts in ActingCurriculum

Our conservatory-style MFA program offers artists the opportunity to engage with other artistic students and develop a skill-set that extends their curiosity and challenges their imagination in a supportive, environment.

Year One

THTR 515a Advanced Movement (2 units)
THTR 520a Advanced Acting (4 units)
THTR 529a Textual Studies for Performance (4 units)
THTR 540a Advanced Voice Diction (2 units)
THTR 515b Advanced Movement (2 units)
THTR 520b Advanced Acting (4 units)
THTR 529b Textual Studies for Performance (4 units)
THTR 540b Advanced Voice Diction (2 units)

Year Two

THTR 512 Studies in Dramatic Analysis (2 units)
THTR 515c Advanced Movement (2 units)
THTR 520c Advanced Acting (2 units) – includes creation of a solo performance
THTR 540c Advanced Voice Diction (2 units)
THTR 541 Diction and Dialects (2 units)
THTR 597 Theatre Practicum (2 units)
THTR 480a Performance for Camera (2 units)
THTR 515d Advanced Movement (2 units)
THTR 520d Advanced Acting (4 units)
THTR 540d Advanced Voice Diction (2 units)
THTR 597 Theatre Practicum (2 units)

Year Three

THTR 480b Performance for Camera (2 units)
THTR 504 The Art of Collaboration and Ensemble (2 units)
THTR 540e Advanced Voice Diction (2 units)
THTR 554 Visual and Spatial Relationship (2 units)
THTR 575 Creative Production Projects (4 units)
THTR 515e Advanced Movement (2 units)
THTR 520e Advanced Acting (2 units)
THTR 540f Advanced Voice Diction (2 units)
THTR 571 Professional Seminar (2 units)
THTR 597 Theatre Practicum (4 units)