BA in Dramatic Arts, Business Minor
Member of Gamma Phi Beta
Medway, MA
Class of 2020

What is your favorite thing about USC?
My favorite thing about USC is the community. Both the professors and my fellow students inspire me daily. The professors’ lessons and experience in the professional world opened my eyes and changed my perspective on theatre during my first year. The other students and their constant will to improve and share their passions in and out of the classroom has encouraged me to want to do the same. The company I keep while at USC has brought nothing but a positive influence on me to pursue my passion.

What is your favorite thing about the School of Dramatic Arts?
My favorite thing about the School of Dramatic Arts is the number of opportunities that the school provides students to immerse themselves in their craft. The combination of both mainstage and ISP productions creates countless opportunities to involve oneself in a show. When speaking with friends from home who are members of other theatre programs across the country, I understand that it is rare for a student to be cast in a show more than once a year. Yet, in my freshman year alone, I was able to get cast in a show both semesters. In addition to the productions, the programs such as Spotlight@SDA and Career Month provide further education from industry professionals that provides SDA students with invaluable information that will allow us to be more in touch and aware of the industry upon graduation. The School of Dramatic Arts goes beyond just the day to day classes to provide its students with ample opportunities that truly make a difference in the resulting education.

What is your favorite food?
Mac and cheese