BA in Dramatic Arts, Comedy Minor, Screenwriting Minor
Member of Delta Kappa Alpha
Chicago, IL
Class of 2020

What is your favorite thing about USC?
I love the charisma of USC. It is something that stood out to me from the first moment I came to the SDA open house and has continued to be present in my experience here every moment since then. There is an energy about this campus that evokes pride and immense amounts of school spirit. Being a Trojan feels like a force to be reckoned with.

What is your favorite thing about the School of Dramatic Arts?
I think my favorite things about SDA are its characteristics that separate it from every other drama school I auditioned for. First, the BA program is phenomenal. I learned more, grew more and enjoyed my experience more fully than any of my friends did in their respective BFA programs. I don’t feel less challenged or viewed as “less” by staff because of my status as a BA. The program is a standout and allows the perfect amount of freedom to truly grow yourself as an artist. Secondly, our !! student !!! shows!!!! I cannot rave ENOUGH about our student theater groups on campus. It is truly amazing to see students directing, producing, casting, designing and starring in these very sophisticated shows with very little assistance from staff. They often rival our main stage shows in attendance and production value. It truly goes to show the great pool of talent that exists on this campus.

What is your favorite movie?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding