BA in Dramatic Arts, Dance minor and Musical Theatre minor
Member of Socal Vocals, A Capella
Chicago, IL
Class of 2018

What is your favorite thing about the School of Dramatic Arts?
I love the genuine interest that all of the faculty have in our learning and that we can choose how we want to learn, as well as make our learning experience unique to how we want to graduate. I also enjoy the ability to learn and grow in not just one area of focus. We are allowed to make the most of the school, and I love that.

When deciding between schools, why did you choose USC?
I chose USC because it was kind of my top choice, but on top of that, I admired how the theatre school worked together and I fell in love with the collegiate setting of the campus, being in the middle of downtown with the ability to get anywhere and do anything I could ever imagine. Also, the food in L.A. is BOMB.

Who is your favorite music artist?