Troy Guthrie


Troy Guthrie

Height / 5’11”

Weight / 168 lbs

Hair / Brown

Vocal Range / Baritone

The Kentucky Cycle Tod/Judge/Tom USC / Dir. Stephanie Shroyer
Escape from Happiness Dad (Tom) USC / Dir. Christopher Shaw
King Lear Edgar Montana Shakespeare Co./Kim DeLong
The Rivals Jack Absolute Montana Shakespeare Co. / Kim DeLonge
Camille Armand Duval USC / Dir. Debbie McMahone
Mansfield Park Sir Thomas USC / Dir. Jeremy Skidmore
12th Night Duke Orsino Montana Shakespeare Co. / Kim DeLong
The Three Musketeers D’Artagnan Montana Shakespeare Co./Kim DeLong
Red Noses Pellico/Leper/Dr. USC / Dir. Stephanie Shroyer
What We’re Up Against Stu USC / Dir. Stephanie Shroyer
Much Ado About Nothing Claudio Montana Shakespeare Co./Kim DeLong
The Art of Success Frank USC / Dir. Stephanie Shroyer
Wuthering Heights Hareton Interwoven Studios / Dir. Bryan Ferriter
The Easy Way Troy Japheth Gordon Studios. / Japheth G.
You Asked For It Rob USC 310 / Dir.Ariel Sobel
Anti-Climactic Lead USC 310 / Dir. Savannah Hemmige
Joe Machens Ford 2016
Joe Machens Mazda 2016
USC School of Dramatic Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts

David Warshovsky, Stephanie Shroyer, MaryJoan Negro, Andy Robinson, Joe Hacker, Zach Steel, Laura Flanagin, Lauren Yeomen, Paul Backer, Jack Rowe, Louis Piday

Master Classes: Jonathan Sacramone/John D’Aquino Young Actors Intensive
Other Training: Kim DeLong Master Class with Montana Shakespeare Co.
Fencing (sabre/dagger), football, boxing, dialects (RP, Southern, Scottish, Irish)

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