Tom Ontiveros

Portrait of Tom Ontiveros

Director of BA in Dramatic Arts
Assistant Professor of Lighting Design
MFA, University of California, San Diego

Tom Ontiveros is an Assistant Professor at the USC School of Dramatic Arts, whose work is concentrated on design for new music, theatre and dance. He has enjoyed international collaborations at the Holland Festival, The Hungarian National Theatre Festival in Cluj and the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Designs include Slide (Ojai Music Festival), Schick Machine, Most Wanted (Dir. Michael Grief), The Exonerated (NYC Premiere), Dream Report, Full Circle, Nada Que Declarar… (Allyson Green Dance), iMan, Garden of Deadly Sound, Garden of Lila (IMAGO Moves), My Old Lady, Visions of Kerouac, Indiscretions, Candida (Marin Theatre Company), Summertime, First Love (Magic Theatre), Doppelganger (3LD, NYC), A Dance Party (Joyce SOHO), The Language of Angels, Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights (Intersection), Tattoo Girl (Sledgehammer), among others.