Sydnée Grant

Sydnee Grant
A Lie of the Mind
A Lie of the Mind
A Lie of the Mind
Mansfield Park
Mansfield Park
Mansfield Park
Mansfield Park
What We're Up Against
What We're Up Against
What We're Up Against

Height / 5’6″

Weight / 135

Hair / Dark Brown

Vocal Range / Mezzo-Soprano

A Lie of the Mind Sally USC/ Dir. Alan Freeman
What We’re Up Against Anna/Briana USC/ Dir. Jack Rowe
Mansfield Park Mrs. Norris USC/ Dir. Jeremy Skidmore
Camille Clemence USC/ Dir. Debbie McMahon
Playing with Fire Kerstin USC/ Dir. Mary Joan Negro
The Social Network (Short) Amelia Ritter USC SCA Project/ Dir. Reuben Walker
Exposé Jackie USC SCA Project/ Dir. Emily Teerasuphaset
Apple Care Harriet USC SCA Project/ Dir. Maddie Bhaskar
Made from Home Sarah USC SCA Project/ Dir. Hadley
USC School of Dramatic Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Other Training: Voice, Movement, Acting, Stage Combat, Voice Over, Comedia Del Arte, Melodrama, Linklater, voice training, Fitzmaurice voice training.
Teachers: David Warshosfsky, Mary Joan Negro, Andrei Belgrader, Andy Robinson, Stephanie Shroyer, Joseph Hacker, Vicki Lewis, Babette Marcus, Kathleen Dunn Muzingo, Paul Backer, Drew Casper.
Singing, Beginner Piano, Child Voices, Dance, Swimming, Yoga, Golf, Cheerleading, Dialects (British Cockney and Contemporary, RP, New York, Southern, Irish, Scottish)
Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor society
Outstanding Participant of the Year The First Tee Philadelphia
1st Place Final Destination Nationals Jersey Pride Cheerleading

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